AI Empowers Exams, Security Protects Potential

SwayamExam, an industry leader, brings AI enabled, secure and scalable assessment solutions offering success and global reach to its partners and people.
Elevate Exam Security with AI-Powered Remote Proctoring
From various sectors globally, we serve governments, corporates, and educational institutions, addressing learning, assessment and upskilling

  • Secure Browser
  • Proctor Pop
  • 360 Room Scan
Candidate Authentication

By verifying identities before the exams; administrators promptly address discrepancies, allowing only candidates with verified IDs to enter the exam.

  • Auto ID Validation
  • Live ID Verification
  • AI or Manual Profile Authentication
360 Degree Room Scan

Integrate an extra mobile camera for a 360° view, providing remote proctors complete control to monitor both the candidate’s desktop and surroundings, ensuring exam integrity.

  • Enforce Standard & Advance Room Sanitization.
  • Select Advance room scan to go with the authentication process with consent at each step.
Auto Proctor Pop In
Proctors immediate intervention via video call with candidates for high UFM alerts during the exam.

  • Proctors enter the exam session in real time if potential misconduct is detected
  • AI flags incidents for a human proctor to intervene & assess the situation.
  • Eliminating a proctor for many candidates, only monitor those alerted by AI.
Secure Browser
SwayamExam Secure Browser blocks external access, monitors screen activity, and reports tab-switching actions as exam violations.

  • Disabling all Ports
  • Disable Copy & Paste
  • Disable Print-Screen.
  • Disable External Websites
Auto Proctoring

Conduct hassle-free tests without any human intervention, that records, monitors, detects, and flags misbehaviors to analyze the candidate’s credibility report post-examination.

  • Adjusted Credibility Score
  • Auto ID Verification
  • AI Backed Reports
  • Foreign Object Detection
Hybrid Proctoring
Live Human Proctoring guarantees a fair examination environment. Human proctors monitor test-takers in real-time, alerting candidates for misconduct, and providing equal testing conditions.

  • Enhanced ID & Photo Verification
  • Live Streaming
  • Real-Time Candidate Proctor Chat
  • On-Demand Proctors

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